Saving Pets One Paw at a Time...

NC Dog Rescue Organization is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 dedicated to saving abandoned shelter animals and abused or deprived animals in high risk homes.  In NC hundreds of animals are left at shelters every day and most of them do not make it out alive.  NC Dog Rescue was founded to make a difference and assist the animals find forever homes instead of dying needlessly in a shelter.  We operate merely based off of donations (monetary & supplies).   We need your help, please consider fostering, adopting, transporting or donating.

NC Dog Rescue Organization

Saving pets one paw at a time

Our mission is to end the abuse and killing of adoptable pets in shelters and at risk homes across North Carolina. We are dedicated to finding these loving animals forever homes and families.  

Our Mission

Our Motivation

We strive is to match families and  individuals with their perfectly matched pet based on activity level, personal needs, wants and capabilities.   This is done through coordination of rescues, transport, fosters and planned adoptions.